Happy 2018 from History First!

By Kaleena Fraga

Happy 2018 everyone! Let’s take a look back at where we were 100 and 200 years ago…

In January 1918, Woodrow Wilson was president. He had been reelected in 1916 on the promise to keep the United States out of WWI. By 1917, however, the United States had entered wilson1the conflict. In January of 1918, Wilson gave his “Fourteen Points” speech, in which he outlined his strategy to ensure that such a global war would never happen again. Wilson’s 14th point called for an “association of nations,” an idea that Wilson would later develop into his attempt to create a “League of Nations.” In 1919, Congress would vote against such an international body, but, after WWII, Wilson’s idea was revisited in the form of the United Nations. Wilson remains the only president to have a earned a doctoral degree, and he is the only president to have been buried in Washington D.C.

In January 1818, James Monroe was about a year into his first term as president–he was the fifth president of the United States. Best known for the Monroe Doctrine, which warned other nations from involvement in Latin America, Monroe was the last in a trio of two term presidents (Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809, James Madison 1809-1817, Monroe, 1817-1825). This would not be duplicated until the consecutive two term presidencies of Bill Clinton (1993-2001), George W. Bush (2001-2009), and Barack Obama (2009-2017). Monroe is widely considered the “last” of the Founding Fathers, as many of the others died before him. Like fellow presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Monroe also died on July 4th (although 5 years later). Fun fact: Monroe has a cameo on the famous painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware.” He is the young man holding the flag.


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