We love presidential history and trivia.

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Creator & Editor-in-Chief

Kaleena Fraga


Kaleena graduated from Oberlin College with a B.A. in History & French. She loves to read about presidents, follow dead presidents on twitter, and listen to podcasts about presidents. Her work can be seen in The Washington Post and All That’s Interesting.

Contributing Writer

Duane Soubirous 


Duane Soubirous is an organist who loves American history almost as much as he loves music history. He speaks German but prefers French music to German music. He enjoys reading nonfiction books, newspapers and magazines, and works as a tutor for journalism students at a community college.

Contributing Writer

Molly Bloom 


Molly holds an M.A. in Archaeological Studies from Yale University and has always been passionate about history and presidential trivia. She works in a museum and also enjoys sports, travel, and art.

Contributing Writer

Aaron Bauer


Aaron is a graduate student in Computer Science at University of Washington with a life-long love of history. His other passions include teaching, the outdoors, Dungeons & Dragons, and musical theater.

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