The History First Podcast

Now introducing: the podcast version of History First!

We’ve recorded pods on everything from Instagram’s role in presidential campaigns to George Washington’s “wooden” teeth. Check it out!

Episodes (from oldest to newest):

Instagram & Front Porch Campaigns

Polk, Trump, and Politics at the Border

To Biden or Not to Biden

Trump, Pelosi, & the State of the Union

Inauguration! Drama

Predictability of the Unpredictable: Dark Horse Campaigns & 2020

Origin Stories: Where Do Presidents Come From?

Ted Kennedy & The Question

Will, We Hardly Knew Ye: The Legacy of William Henry Harrison

Bachelors, Boos, & Cory Booker

EMERGENCY POD: The 25th Amendment

George Washington & the Myth of Wooden Teeth

New Kids in Town: Nixon, Kennedy, and the 116th Congress

The Life and Death of John Quincy Adams

From the Sidelines: The Role of Former Political Stars in New Campaigns

Pete Buttigieg, Franklin Roosevelt, and Reshaping the Supreme Court

The President and the Radio: FDR’s First Fireside Chat

Just a Number: Kennedy, Reagan, and the “Age Question” in 2020

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