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Instagram & Front Porch Campaigns:


KF (1:02): Hello and welcome to History First. This is a podcast about presidential history and trivia. You can also find us online at history-first.com.

So let’s talk about Instagram. More specifically, Instagram live. New Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has started something of a political trend ever since she started producing Instagram live videos. Now we’re seeing presidential hopefuls like Elizabeth Warren follow suit. And also Beto O’Rourke, but he’s still a big “if” when it comes to running for president.

(1:33): Politicians are more personable than ever. With tools like Instagram, they’re literally letting us into their kitchens. This is a far cry from how campaigns used to go. In the nineteenth century there were moments of drama–there was Grover Cleveland’s sex scandal, OK clubs which formed for Martin Van Buren, they also called him Old Kinderhook, which is why they were in an OK Club, and even insults. William Henry Harrison’s supporters wrote a whole song disparaging Martin Van Buren.

(2:03): But there was a shift in the election of 1880 with James Garfield. His nomination was a total surprise, and you can read about that more on the site, if you search for his name. When he became the Republican candidate, the incumbent, Rutherford B. Hayes, advised him to sit cross-legged and look wise until after the election. Garfield never had the chance. When he returned home to Mentor, Ohio he literally walked into the next big thing in presidential campaigns.

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